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Having a rodent problem can be a real headache. Most homeowners will at some point have experienced issues with mice or even rats. They can be very difficult to deal with when you don’t know how they are getting into your home. 

You may be surprised to find out just how much damage they can do to your drains and other systems in your house. What may start out as a small amount of damage can lead to bigger problems leading to blocked drains

In addition to physical damage they are of course well known for carrying diseases which can be a health issue for you or others in your home or business. Water contamination from rats for example can spread disease quickly. 

There are generally three steps in dealing with a rodent problem:

In addition to your drains rodents can cause other problems by biting into wires or cables causing damage to the electrics which can be tricky to access and expensive to repair or replace. 

We have several methods to check how they are getting in including our CCTV drain survey system. This allows us to see into spaces that cannot otherwise be accessed. 

Finally we can fit rat flaps to any effected drains. These are environmentally friendly way to stop rodents gaining entry to your drains without permanently trapping them. Basically it is a one way valve that allows your drains to continue to work but blocks any new rodents from getting in. Get in touch with us to talk about any of these issues. 

We provide our Rodent Investigation and Rat Flap services in Louth, Meath, Cavan, Monaghan & Dublin.

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Rodent Investigation

Having a pest problem causing issues in your home or business can be a serious issue. We can:

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