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As you may have guessed it can be very difficult to see what is going on in your drains. Many areas are almost completely inaccessible and pipes can be buried deep under concrete paths or other structures. 

When you have a blocked drain is may be a warning sign that damage is present in your drains. Things like broken joints, cracking pipes or something like a piece of rubble causing an obstruction. You may even have a rodent problem which we can also help with.

Instead of having to guess and dig up half of your garden we can quickly find the source of the problem with out drainage survey service. In most cases this allows us to clear the blockage fast and efficiently. 

Another part of our CCTV drain survey which many people overlook is done when considering purchasing a new property. For less then you might think you can get a drain survey and therefore have peace of mind that you are not buying into a major drainage renovation project which could of course be costly. 


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CCTV Drain Survey

Finding the cause of a blockage or leak can be difficult.

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